Explained: The Mental Health Minute

Radio stations have come together for The Mental Health Minute for the first time ever to promote support for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Why is the Mental Health Minute happening?

From May 14-20 marks Mental Health Awareness week, which is hosted nationally by the Mental Health Foundation to encourage those who are suffering to talk to people about their feelings.

The foundation are focusing particularly on stress and reminding individuals that by tackling this, it can help to combat separate problems such as anxiety and depression.

You may have heard the term ‘Mental Health Minute’ being thrown around today. What’s that I hear you ask? The Hub have produced an explainer piece about the 60 second clip.

Above: The famous faces who took part.

What is it?

For the first time ever, hundreds of radio stations have united across the UK to raise awareness and highlight the importance of talking to others about daily mental battles you may be facing. The one minute audio clip is made up of a group of very famous voices who have recorded a message to remind listeners that it is okay to speak about what you are going through.

Who took part?

The message was broadcasted across the UK by the group of radio stations at 10:59 this morning. The six familiar voices included The Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Lady Gaga, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill and David Harewood have all come together to take part. You can find the audio clip here on The Hub.

Help: Where you can find it

If you are feeling lonely, or anxious, don’t be afraid to talk. There is always somebody who wants to listen. Samaritan’s¬†are just one of the many helplines which are there if you are in need of support. It is important to note that the majority of mental health helplines and support groups are there 24 hours a day. Never feel like you are a burden, somebody will always care.

Above: Samaritan’s contact details.