Homeless woman criticises Canterbury’s ‘fake beggars’

A homeless woman in Canterbury city centre has said that fake beggars are making it hard for those that are actually homeless in the city.


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Fake beggars have also hit news up and down the country, with a town in Devon warning them they will be photographed if they cannot prove they are homeless. The campaign has been called controversial by many.

We spoke to charity catching lives regarding fake beggars.


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Some of us may see a beggar going into a house and assume they are lying about being homeless, Mr Solly says that this may just be emergency accommodation or a friends house that they can stay at one night a week, when they spend the rest of the week sleeping rough on the streets and with no income.

“It might be a friends house, that their able to stay at one night a week and then the other six their sleeping behind a tree somewhere, you need to know the full story of why someone is in a situation and why they are resorting to it, before make any judgements about the situation”

An article written in 2016 on homelessness in Kent revealed research by housing and homelessness charity Shelter, which showed that 3,000 people in Kent were either rough sleeping, had no home or were in emergency accommodation.

The total in the South East was a staggering 22,100. Catching lives have said that there are currently 36 people that they know are rough sleepers in Canterbury and 37 that are not known. Meaning a total of 73 people are sleeping rough in Canterbury and the surrounding areas.

Mr Sully shared with us some of the ways you can help the homeless if you do not wish to give them money.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VWCRAJ24RM]