Everything you need to know about a Kent couple’s fundraising event for Ramadan

A ramadan fundraising event has been so successful, that the Kent couple who organised the event have brought it back for another year at their mosque. 

The BBQ is organised in significance of how important ramadan is to the muslim religion, says the organisers.

By attending the fund raise, you should get an idea of why muslims fast and understand the history of how ramadan came to place.

As well as being educated, there will be entertainment which will run through the BBQ so you can enjoy your meal whilst enjoying what will be in store.

Over the years, Abdul and Ruby Sazan have taken the idea and have made into national event, with the help of the Aga Khan Development.

Here’s all the details you need to know about the upcoming BBQ:

When is the event?

The fundraising BBQ event will take place on Saturday May 26 2018.

Where will it take place?

It will be held in a mosque at 24 Passey Place, Eltham, SE9 5DQ.

What time is the event scheduled for?

People are welcome to arrive from 6pm as the actual event will take place as sunset sets. Entertainment will begin until it’s time to break fast.

Tickets will be available on arrival, however only a limited space will be available.

If you are to buy a ticket on arrival, it is advised to attend early to secure a ticket.

How much are tickets?

Adults, teenagers and children are priced separately.

There are family packages available for those who have a family of 4.

Family packages: £35

Adults (21 and above): £15

Teenagers (13- 19): £10

Children (5-11): £5

Infants (Below 5): Free

OAP: Free

Tickets that are purchased on arrival will remain the same for infants and OAP, however Adults, teenagers and children prices will increase to an extra £5 to the original price.

Pets are not allowed.

Tickets can be purchased by emailing the organiser:

What does the price include?

This price includes the entry to the event along with entertainment which shall be announced on the day and dinner.

Notice will be required on the day if anyone is a vegetarian or a vegan.

What tickets are still available?

Tickets are still available to purchase.

Further information can be seen by emailing the organiser.

Although the event is a week away, there are enough tickets unless you decide to purchase them on the day which will require you to attend early to secure a space.

What is on the menu?

The dinner will be cooked from a BBQ.

There will be burgers, hotdogs and kebabs available on the day.

Provide notice if you are a vegetarian as an alteration will be provide.

There will be no pork meat available.

The organiser of the event says: “Come along and just let us know what you feel like having.

“We will have burgers and the typical bbq food along with sides but if you do want something else, let us know early and we can get things sorted.”

If you would like to read about how the event came about and how successful it’s become, click here to find out.


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