GCSE exam week: Top 5 last minute revision tips

With GCSE’s starting this week you may be worrying that you’ve not revised enough. Here are some last minute revision tips that might help you get those extra marks.

1.Revision Cards

These have helped me A LOT in my past exams.

The best way to do it is to divide your exam into sections, make bullet points that will hep you with that part and then get your friends o family to read the question or topic and have you tell them what’s on each card. It can also be done with key words and their meanings.

This helps massively with your memory and can be done on your way to school, on your way home from school and even last minute before you enter the exam hall.

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2. Mind Maps

A very basic revision tool, but it works.

You have more than likely already used these in class, but it gets you to narrow down topics to points that are easier to remember. It’s always handy to colour code these too, an easy and quick way of getting information from your head onto a bit of paper and then getting you to read it again making this information go through your mind at least 3 times, hopefully making it stick in your memory better.

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3. Practice with your friends!

Break and Lunchtime are times of the day you want to wind down and get away from the classroom, BUT it could be fun to get your revision cards out and help each other, ask each other a question to do with one of your exams and talk about it.

The question you get stuck on could be the conversation from the revision you made fun with your pals, and could be the reason why you remember it.

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Funnily enough it’s just as important to take a break from studying as it is to be doing the studying itself. You can over do it (and let’s be honest nobody wants to over do it like Will in the Inbetweeners)

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Have a nap if you need it, have a drink, go out with your mates for a couple hours and don’t talk about exams. If you try and force something into your head when your hearts not it in or you’ve got bored of doing revision at home, you’re wasting your time because the likelihood is that you’re not going to remember it because you’ve already switched your brain off.

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5. The day of the exam

To be honest it’s probably best to stay away from panicking friends, get there a little early and sit in a classroom and just go over notes, mind maps or revision cards quietly on you own. (I wouldn’t suggest stressing yourself out and running to find your teacher to ask last minute questions like I did, it doesn’t help).

Have a breakfast, its easy to not have one because of nerves making you feel sick, or rushing off to school, without eating, its worth not putting on that last bit of makeup or doing your hair to it down have have a bit of breakfast, it’ll wake you up and switch you brain on.

Be calm, relax before you entire the exam hall. If you get yourself flustered, you’ll be to distracted to do your best or concentrate properly. You’ve revised and the time is now, you can’t re do it, so chill out and feel like you’ve got this.

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