How Canterbury residents are helping the Homeless this Christmas

Many people in Canterbury have come together to help everyone in the community this Christmas.

Charity starts from home and Canterbury Residents are using their privilege to help the less fortunate.

Many have started making care boxes and asking for donations on the Canterbury Residents Facebook group.  They have gathered old clothes, food and any items that they think people would benefit from.

Similarly, Canterbury Mosque is opening its door on Christmas Eve offering a free shower, clothes, haircut and food to the homeless.

Canterbury residents Papa’s, The Deep Blue Eatery, located in Wincheap, is opening its doors to feed the homeless, elderly and those who are in need on Christmas day.

The heart-warming gesture is just one of many ways to tackle the homelessness issue in Canterbury.

In a post from Facebook, Papa’s said: “When we announced the plan to open our doors, the public response via social media was hugely supportive behind the scheme.”

Papa’s doors will be open from 12-3 pm on Christmas Day.

The meal will consist of; Fish&chips, mushy peas, pigs in blankets and a hot drink.

Papa’s Manager, Kyri Ignatiou, said: “It’s sad to think that people would spend Christmas day alone, speaking to literally no one.”

Mr. Ignatiou got in contact with local charities such as Catching Lives in order to raise awareness and to promote the cause.

He commented: “Some of the people that come in here, I know that we would be the only people that they would speak to on that day.”

‘in a tough time where money is tight for people, we’re doing the best we can to put a smile on people’s faces’.

In a time of hardship. this demonstrates how a community can pull together to help those how are less fortunate.