If men had periods sanitary items would be free, says Medway councillor

A Medway councillor has claimed that if men had periods sanitary products would be free.

Daniel McDonald who is campaigning for free tampons and sanitary towels for Medway school girls made the comment during an exclusive interview with The Canterbury Hub.

Councillor Daniel McDonald

He said: “If men were going through the menstrual cycle, you can bet your life that something would’ve been done about it and sanitary items would be free.

“[Periods] affect 50% of the population and still we’ve got individuals who can’t afford sanitary products. It’s just not good enough.

“Last year 138,000 school girls missed school because of it”

Period Poverty charity Bloody Good Period have supported Cllr McDondald’s statement.

Gabby Elldin, CEO and founder of the charity said: “Yes, if cis-sexual men, or at least the men in power had periods, they would undoubtedly be free”

Cllr McDonald, a passionate advocate against period poverty, is working with The Red Box Project, an initiative that supplies school girls around the UK with sanitary items.

“The Red Box project is amazing. They collect donations of sanitary items and we put them into schools.

“Children can take free sanitary products from a trusted individual. We’ve got about 25 boxes across Medway schools now

“They will be coming to Canterbury and Maidstone and other areas in Kent.”

The passionate advocate against period poverty also suggested that people need to talk more about periods.

He said: “The word ‘period’ for many people is uncomfortable.

The Red Box Project provides school girls with free sanitary items (Photo cred: The Red Box Project Facebook)

“We’ve got to dispel the taboo by everyone at universities, colleges and schools, including both boys and girls, talking about periods, the reproductive cycle and what happens to every female.”

The Red Box Project has commended Cllr McDonald for his efforts in reducing period poverty.

Jane Foster who works for the charity in Medway said: “It is very helpful that Cllr McDonald is on board with this project as he can help spread the word about the project and help with ideas and contacts, not only to raise awareness but to help getting the donations, without them the project could not run.

“Cllr McDonald delivered two black sacks of sanitary wear and some red boxes to me yesterday that he had purchased with his birthday money his support has been great”

LISTEN BELOW: Daniel McDonald talks more about period poverty.


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