‘It’s a marketing stunt’- Period poverty campaigners slam Always’ End Period Poverty scheme

Period Poverty charity Bloody Good Period have claimed Always’ ‘End Period Poverty’ scheme is a ‘marketing stunt’. 

The charity that campaign to put an end to UK period poverty have criticised sanitary towel manufacturer Always’ ‘End Period Poverty’ scheme, claiming that it does nothing to solve the problem.

Founder of Bloody Good Period, Gabby Edllin said: “Always are using period poverty as a marketing stunt. It’s not helping the cause.

Gabby Edlin- Founder of Bloody Good Period (Photo cred: Twitter)


“It’s one pad per pack sold, so basically you have to buy their product in order to help period poverty.

“It’s not a campaign at all it’s literally just because everyone’s talking about period poverty at the moment.

“Always aren’t actually making a difference”.

“They benefit from period poverty because people will buy their products to give to organisations like us.

“There’s no reason for them to actually care. If people aren’t buying their product, they don’t want them to go and get them for free”

Always have been contacted but have not yet provided a response to the claims.

This comment comes after a Medway councillor has spoken out about his mission to reduce period poverty in Kent.

Daniel McDonald is campaigning for free sanitary products for Medway schoolgirls

Cllr Daniel McDonald is working alongside The Red Box Project to provide Medway school girls with free sanitary items.

He said: “The Red Box project is amazing. They collect donations of sanitary items and we put them into schools.

“Children can take free sanitary products from a trusted individual. We’ve got about 25 boxes across Medway schools now

“They will be coming to Canterbury and Maidstone and other areas in Kent.”