A Kent couple are praised after creating a fundraiser for mosques in remembrance of Ramadan

The Aga Khan Development Network have praised a Kent Muslim couple after expanding their idea of having fundraising events for Ramadan across all shia mosques. 

Abdul and Zuby Sazan, of Gravesend, initially started a small fund raising event at their mosque in Eltham which later grew into a yearly event.

The idea was passed onto the AKDN who decided to make this event national by proposing it to all shia mosques in the country.

Mr Sazan explained how he felt when he heard the news and how the fund raising came about.

Ruby Sazan (first woman on left) and Abdul Sazan (wearing sunglasses) Credit: Facebook

He said: “It was literally an idea that me and my wife thought of a few years ago.

“We spoke to people in our mosque to see if they would attend the event if we could get it running and everyone seemed very keen.

“Fast forward those years and now every year we have been doing this and I am so happy because now it can expand to other mosques.

” I am a shia Ismaili and we have other mosques around the world.

“I have been to different ones in London like in Kensington and Queensbury and they have never done this before.

“To know this is going to be everywhere now is going to be amazing.

“I hope this works out.”

The couple felt humbled because they knew that all the money that would be collected, would go to a greater cause.

Mrs Sazan spoke about the importance of Ramadan and how the event would do in the future.

She said: “I am just over the moon that every mosque within the shia community will be having these events.

“We need to celebrate Ramadan because its a crucial thing in our religion.

“We can all go to different mosques now instead of having to only rely on this one to attend an event like this.”

When contacting the Aga Khan Development Network, the press office team said “We are pleased to announce that Ramadan events shall commence yearly.

“We will provide further information in the coming days.”

Abdul and Zuby are currently planning their next fundraising BBQ.


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