Kent’s first transgender women’s officer is aiming to be first trans Prime Minister

Labour’s women’s officer Lily Madigan says she wants to be the first transgender Prime Minister.

Madigan, who shot to fame after threatening to sue her school for transphobia revealed her aspirations of getting to Downing street.

Despite receiving constant abuse online, it’s not put her off her aspirations.

She said: “I say I’d like to be the first transgender Prime Minister. We haven’t had a first trans MP yet but if you aim high and fall short you still tend to achieve a lot.”

Lily Madigan. (Picture: Facebook)

The Kent LGBT activist became Women’s Officer for Rochester and Strood last year, and received a lot of abuse for it.

Lily thinks that transphobia is a horrible problem in society and that removing herself from the situation works.

She said: “Transphobia is a problem in society. The reality is Labour is very good at espousing all forms of inequality and as a result things like transmisogyny are underrepresented in our party.

“That’s not to say there isn’t issues, chiefly we need to advocate for a better funded independent complaints system to deal with complaints in a timely manner. I’ve been misgendered by members but largely they’ve been suspended. I cope by removing myself from the situation.”


Madigan, who will be attending Goldsmiths university in September and taking a step back from politics, found her way into the media again for creating a petition to boycott Caitlyn Jenner speaking in Parliament about diversity.

She said: “Caitlyn Jenner supports an anti-lgbtq Government in the form of Donald Trump, who she has endorsed repeatedly.

“She evidently has no idea the issues most trans youth face and her large wealth creates a barrier from even what the average person faces. She was and is unfit to speak on behalf of British trans people.”

Lily?Madigan on Twitter

Hey hey Twitter followers. Just so you know, I was a female at birth; I’m a female now; and I will die a female. That’s all I have to say on the matter.