• 4 reasons to reduce your alcohol consumption.

    Alcohol can = weight gain
    Giving up alcohol can have drastically positive results on your waistline. As a macronutrient, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram. This means alcoholic beverages often contain a surprisingly high amount of calories. A single shot of vodka averages out at around 100 calories, a glass of wine at around 150 calories and a pint of beer around 200 calories- and that’s before you start mixing them with sugary, calorific mixers!

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  • QUIZ- How much of a student are you?


    Are you enjoying uni a bit too much?
    Take this quiz and test of much of a student you are.





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  • Are you addicted to your phone? Take the quiz to find out…


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  • What you need to check out in Canterbury this Christmas!

    There’s loads going on this Christmas in Canterbury.

    Whether you want to watch the local pantomime or enjoy the festive shopping there is something for you.


    Peter Pan at the Marlowe Theatre 

    An all-star cast takes over the Marlowe Theatre this holiday.

    A traditional British Panto is a must for every Christmas and this is no exception.

    Tickets start from just £8.25 so grab yours now before they’re out!



    Whitefriars Christmas Market

    Whitefriars has been taken over by 50 festive cabins this December.

    You can look round the stalls for unique gifts as well as enjoying the special Christmas food and mulled wine.

    These stalls are here every day until Christmas Eve.



     Dogs Trust Canterbury Christmas Fair

    There are loads of Christmas fairs going on around Canterbury but this one is a firm favourite with the public!

    Dogs Trust are holding a fundraising event at Swalecliffe Community Cantre on Sunday 3rd December with lots of stalls and entertainment.

    Perfect for the whole family.. and the dog!



    Where to eat?

    As well as the usual favourites, many restaurants are doing special Christmas menus, parties and deals.

    Wildwood is offering a special holiday deal with 4 courses for just £17.95.

    Check out the high street for all of Canterbury’s amazing restaurants.



    Festive Wreath Workshop

    Why not get creative this Christmas?

    Perfect for families, learn how to create the perfect merry Wreath for your home.

    There are four workshops available in the lead up to the big day.

    Head down to the Neptune in Canterbury to join in!



    Carols at Canterbury Cathedral

    Can it get any more Christmassy?

    Come along on the 23rd December to sing everyones favourite Carols in the beautiful Cathedral.

    Doors open at 1.30pm but get there early as it’ll be busy!

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  • Easy ways to deal with stress in school

    Many students in school experience a variety of emotions whilst completing their studies. James Townsend who is currently a maths teacher at Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School for Boys says ‘ We offer many many facilities for students to take part in such as clubs and organisations. We take care of our students and feel as though we should guide them through their studies and help them when it comes to sitting their exams.’

    Social clubs and Organisations 

    Joining clubs after school will help you massively as it will give you a solid group to rely on and will offer you advice. The distraction of joining clubs that contain your hobbies will make you feel a lot more relaxed and give you a great distraction when you are stressed and worried. Career advisor at Rainham School for Girls, Carline Davies says ‘ I deal with so many students when it comes to the exam period and always tell them a distraction from stress is always joining after school clubs, because just one session a week after school can make all the difference when it comes to their confidence. It also puts them in a great routine and offers them a break.’



    Lower your goals 

    This doesn’t mean set out to fail, it just means instead of setting your goal to be getting the highest level in the class, set a goal to feel satisfied with your performance and then you will never feel knocked down. Giving yourself a goal you an easily reach will be a lot more satisfactory as you know you have reached the goal.




    Get organised

    No one can focus when they look on their desk and see they have piles of homework to do, if you use your time and do your work in bits and bobs you will feel more relaxed because you never have piles of work to do. Stop the pile from getting bigger whilst you can!   Bradley Edwards studies Software Applications Development at University. He says “he used apps and organisations on his devices to be more organised,” and he realised this helped as everything was in one place and was easy to access.

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  • Pill vs. Depression.. Everything you need to know about your contraception.

    Firstly- what is the pill?

    The pill is a popular form of contraception that we’re all familiar with, but how safe is it?

    There are two main types of the pill- the combined and progestogen only.

    Both aim to prevent pregnancy but do so in different ways.

    You will need to visit a nurse or doctor beforehand to discuss the best option for you as there can be health risks with each.

    When taken correctly, the NHS claim the pill is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.


    What are Doctors saying?

    Researchers in Denmark looked into the link between the pill and depression.

    The research was completed at the University of Copenhagen.

    They aimed to discover whether the use of hormonal contraception is associated with a future of depression.

    It was published that females who took the pill were 23% more likely to use antidepressants than non-users.

    This worrying statistic may change peoples mind over the pill, but the NHS point out on their website that there is no proof that the pill is causing the depression and that further research is needed.



    Jean Charlton a nurse from Rochester said, “Unfortunately there are side effects with most medications.

    We discuss all options in an appointment before hand and find what the best choice is.

    There is no evidence that the pill is directly linked to depression and there is a lot of research needed on this, but at the moment girls should feel comfortable taking the pill.

    Everybody is different and everyone reacts in different ways.”



    You are not alone!





    What should you do?

    Even though there are risks there is definitely more research needed before we completely ditch the pill.

    Brighton University student Safia Saumtally, 20, spoke about her experience on the pill.

    “I was on the pill for nearly 2 years now and there were loads of pretty bad side effects.

    I suffered from headaches and constant mood swings which eventually got too much.

    I also put on a lot of weight. Eventually I gave up with the pill and went on the implant instead.

    I was an emotional wreck on the pill and could never go on it again.

    I’d strongly recommend other girls looking into their choices before beginning the pill.”



    Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do your research and talk to your local nurse for your best option!

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  • Little Mix are coming to Kent!

    Little Mix announce Kent concert ahead of Christmas, tickets put on sale this morning.

    The popular girl band ‘Little Mix’  have released tickets for their performance in Maidstone, in accordance of their ‘summer hits’ tour.

    After the success of their recent album ‘Glory Days’, the band revealed that they would be performing 15 areas across the country and who knew that our very own Maidstone would be chosen as one of them!

    The girl band, who came together after the 2011 X-factor series, have had 4 UK number 1’s including ‘Black Magic and Shout-out to my Ex”.

    The concert will take place on July 22nd and will be held at the The Kent Event centre, Detling.

    If you’re looking at purchasing the tickets for your little ones, take account that under 14’s must be accompanied by an adult.

    Tickets can be purchased from and start from £45.

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  • 3 easy makeup looks that are perfect this festive season

    Everyone loves the winter months! So why not try and interpret the festiveness in with your everyday looks. We try out a few looks to make your appearance a little more appropriate this season.

     Our 3 looks we loved the most are shown below


    The Autumn Dark Look 


    The first look we love is this autumnal look inspired by dark red leaves and a autumn night sky. The lipstick is the main part of the look which we think brings the entire look together. The ‘lippy’ used is a NYX suede cream lipstick, which we really love here! The dark eyebrows co-operate with the festive theme and really stand out.


    Red Autumnal Look 


    This look mainly focusses on the brighter toned eyeshadow. The tones used here structure the face and emphasises the festive theme. The darker lashes make the shadow seem much more bold.  The lipstick used is again a NYX cream lipstick to match the shadow.


    Dark gem halloween 


    Gems were such a great accessory this halloween. They make the face a lot more bold and give off a lovely glow. The black gems link with the hair and the darker theme, which make the look very dark.  Co-operating with the black matte lipstick the dark look comes together very nicely.

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  • Cheap Christmas Presents You Must Buy For Your Family

    With Christmas coming up, these are some great gifts you can buy for all your family!

    Father – Novelty Apron

    No matter what he looks like, your father will love this apron which will also allow him to show off his cooking skills in the kitchen… or lack of them.

    Price – £6.98 via

    Mother – Luxury Bath Melts

    Help your mother relax this Christmas by buying her some bath melts.

    Price – £9.99 via

    Sister – Flamingo Mug

    Your sister will never be de-hydrated if you buy her this flamingo mug. Not only is it cute, but it’s cheap.

    Price – £9.95 via

    Brother – Retro Games Station

    Your brother will thank you for the rest of time if you buy him this retro games station. And he’ll leave you alone!

    Price – £9.99 via

    Grandmother – Gold Necklace

    Grandmothers are classy women and this necklace only helps to make her look a million dollars.

    Price – £8.99 via

    Grandfathers – Guitar Cufflinks

    These silver cufflinks will roll back the years for your Grandfather and ensure he’s also looking a million dollars.

    Price – £9.99 via

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