Margate parking plans driving residents round the bend

Margate residents and business owners are unhappy with Thanet Councils plans of scrapping free parking in the Old Town.

Parking schemes and double yellow lines are also set to appear in some areas of the district.

The council agreed the terms last year and a consultation will take place on May 29.

Local residents are mainly angry about the plans, as well as business owners whose shops may suffer.

Many have vented their anger about the councils plans.

Kerstin Inga from Margate said: “I think its actually quite cheeky of Thanet District Council to do this.

“Council tax has been hiked up to the maximum and yet so many services have been cut, and now this.

Kerstin Inga is not happy with the council.

“It feels like the council are certainly not supporting small local businesses, or locals in general as its puts a real spanner in the works for people.

“How will this affect people who live there, or work there?”

Simon Turner has a shop on Northdown Road, Margate and his business is now suffering.


He said: “Our trade is down nearly two thirds now due to parking charges.

“As I carry out a repair service my customers now have to park twice, as many come from outside the area.

“The charge now is 20p for 10 minutes and £2.10 for an hour.

“My repairs are reasonably priced so people will go out the way to come to my shop but now the parking is nearly as much as the prices I charge.”

North Thanet MP Sir Rodger Gale who covers Margate said: “All parking is under review.

“The council need to find a balance. It’s not an easy equation. We want people to come and visit to help the local economy.”

MP Sir Rodger Gale believes the council need to come up with a solution

Thanet Council said: “The charges were proposed to help on street spaces turn-over at an appropriate rate and include marking out bays in nuisance areas to help address the issues of inconsiderate parking for residents, improve pedestrian safety and encourage traffic flow.”

Credit: @ThanetCouncil

The council is also planning to fund smart parking including number plate recognition.

Parking is still free on Saturdays at car parks Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Cliftonville.

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