Medway teenager cannot fall asleep without listening to ASMR YouTube videos

The new trend that has become increasingly popular over the last few months has been preventing 17 year-old Katie Fielding from getting to sleep.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridien Response and if individuals are affected by it they get a tingling feeling which begins at your head and moves down your spine.


The ASMR effect


The relaxing feeling can aid in helping people to fall asleep and each trigger assists in the response.


But Katie has become so reliant on the videos that she cannot drift off without them, which has caused underlying stress especially so close to exam season.


She said: “I try to just fall asleep, I’ve even googled different ways to help you get to sleep but none of them work.


“At first it didn’t bother me but now it’s exam season I need my sleep and I just can’t keep relying on YouTube and ASMR, but I don’t know why I can’t sleep without it, it doesn’t make sense.”


ASMR lovers usually watch videos to support their favourite channel or to help them drift off if they really do struggle, but not have a need to use it to fall asleep every night.



Katie is unsure on what the reason could be as to why her sleep pattern has been affected by it, she has googled her situation but has not been able to come up with an answer.


Sleep expert, Professor Espie from Sleepio says: “Its very likely that she is more worried about not falling asleep so she relies on the ASMR videos as comfort to help her and she believes if she doesn’t use it then she won’t sleep at all.


“Worries about sleep (or the fact that you’re not sleeping) are a common complaint among poor sleepers, known as the ‘racing mind’, and thankfully there are established techniques to help overcome it. One simple technique that can help is called ‘paradoxical thinking.


“A way to prevent this is if you’re lying in bed unable to sleep, why not see how long you can stay awake? If your eyes start to feel heavy, gently tell yourself ‘just one more minute’ and see if you can hold them open”.


The increasing recognition that ASMR has been gaining means more individuals may be finding a way to help them sleep and stay relaxed.


Espie also noted that if people are struggling to fall asleep they should visit the Sleepio website to get their own personal sleep report which will give them tips on how to get a better night sleep.