The Kent granny skydiving to raise money for local school

Frances Thomas a resident of Petham, Kent will be leaping from a plane at 15,000ft to raise funds for the local primary school this weekend.

The 63-year-old grandmother hopes to reach a goal of £500 for Petham Primary School as it has been facing hard times with funding.

Total amount raised – Photo by Ms Thomas and Mydonate


Frances said: “The funding challenges are down to government austerity measures.

“And also the rationale they use for funding schools – it seems that smaller schools are struggling to survive.”

A Facebook picture of Ms. Thomas – Photo by Frances Thomas

So far the fundraiser has earned £470.00, a huge 94% of the amount needed and the sponsored skydive is set to take place on Saturday May 19

The funding page describes Petham school ‘as always being a central part of the village, but it has never faced the challenges it does today.’

The school is close to her heart because her own grandson attends the school and she has had the opportunity to watch children progress through the school.

Frances standing outside Petham Primary School – Photo by Ms Thomas

Ms Thomas, further added: “There are a couple of reasons I chose to do this – one being, because of my age and the fact that age is NOT just a number.

“It is a fact- that ageism is a reality and the way people react to you as an older woman.

“So, I decided that I would do something out of my comfort zone.”

She will be skydiving over Stonehenge in Wiltshire taking in the breath-taking views of Britain’s countryside.

Frances’s donation page can be accessed by the link below if you wish to support her:

Fran’s skydive for Petham! for Petham Primary School Parent Teacher Association on MyDonate

On May 19th at 10am, I will be leaping out of a plane at 15,000 ft to raise money for Petham School!