Men caught with 17 bags of animal feed stuffed with cash a court has heard

A court has heard how two men hid wads of cash in bags of animal feed destined to leave the country. 

The men are alleged to have hired a van to smuggle money, hidden in bags of chicken feed, out of the country using the Eurotunnel in the early hours of November 11, 2015.

Canterbury Crown Court heard how Mariusz K Ancygier and Mariusz Maciag bought over £820 worth of alpaca, horse and chicken feed from a supplier in Brentwood, Essex.

A Border Force officer who stopped the vehicle said how the pair, with Polish passports, told them they had animal feed destined for a zoo in the back of the van.

The officer said: “At 12.45am we detected a quantity of cash in the load of the van.

“At 4.05am the vehicle was loaded on to a recovery vehicle and taken away.”

When conducting a ‘rummage’ (physically search) of the vehicle officers found sealed packets of cash hidden inside the bags of layers pellets despite the men telling allegedly telling officers they only had a few pounds and euros on them.

The Court heard how the men stuffed ‘heat sealed’ packages of UK bank notes inside bags of chicken feed in a bid to get them out of the country. Out of 41 bags on-board 17 were found with cash inside.

The men are charged with acquisition, use and possession of criminal property and plead not guilty, the case continues.