Mental health cut backs a ‘huge problem for patients’

Members of a Kent mental health Facebook group feel let down by the NHS care according its founder.

It was set up last month and already has 650 members who share their problems daily.

Leanne Clubb, who also suffers from mental health issues believes that the cut backs to services are affecting those in need.

“I do believe people feel let down. The cuts have been a huge problem for years now. Groups like this can bridge the gap.

The group has received a surge of members since it started.

“The response to it hasn’t shocked me but its has been great though, and people are helping each other out with their experiences.”

Leanne is currently writing a writing a dissertation on the issue of male suicide. She says this is part of the reason she decided to get involved with the group.

“I would say it has helped people in many ways so far seeing as its new. The group was set up for the sole purpose to help people.

“The message spreads. We have people who meet up which in the long run contributes to their state of mind.”

The cut backs have not only affected patients; it has piled pressure on charities like Samaritans.

Norah Cole Credit: Norah Cole Facebook

Norah Cole,68, has been a call handler for them for 10 years. She says they receive more calls now then ever.

“I don’t know if it is directly linked to the cut backs but we have a busy call center, it is sad to think that these people aren’t getting the help they they need.”