Two Mothercare stores in Kent that WILL stay open, according to staff

Two Mothercare employees in Kent have been told that the shop will not be shutting down after it was announced 50 Mothercare stores will be closing.

The announcement was released on May 17, explaining the closure including the risks of employees losing their jobs including Kent.

Despite the announcement, it wasn’t made clear which shop will remain and which shops will suffer from closing.

Dylan, who preferred to keep his surname anonymous, from Canterbury’s shop expressed how he felt when he was told he will not be losing his job.

Mothercare. Credit: Geogrpah

He said: “I was really over the moon when I found out.

“I am glad that the shop isn’t clothing and I am even more happy because I am going to be the sales store manager.”

Mothercare employees in Bluewater have also been told that they won’t be closing down however were preferred not to provide further details.

Despite being told both businesses won’t be closing, the head quarters of Mothercare in Watford weren’t able to provide details on confirming whether Bluewater and Canterbury will be remaining open.

It is still not known which shops will be closing and which will continue to go on.

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