Kent woman demands more to be done after assisting injured biker

A Kent woman was the only person to assist an injured motor biker after being hit by an aggressive driver. 

Val Clarke witnessed as a van driver dangerously overtook the traffic by driving in the wrong lane on May 15.

When returning back to the right lane, a biker took a hard hit after the vehicle tried to fit in-between the tight traffic.

This caused an injury as the biker was left on the floor while the van drove off verbally abusing the the biker.

Mrs Clarke, who was returning from a chemotherapy treatment expressed how she felt and contacted the police and helped the injured biker.

Val Clarke: Credit Facebook Profile Page

She said: ” I am annoyed that an apparently young learner motorcyclist was being bullied by someone who had not only caused the accident in the first place but could also have damaged the bike and injured the rider.

“I’m really disgusted that someone driving a van advertising a business would bring the business into disrepute by behaving in such a foul manner.

“I am also really amazed that no one closer to the accident happening actually got out and helped or gave their details to be used in any insurance claim.”

Val Clarke later displayed how she felt on a Facebook group page called “Medway People Group”  asking people to provide further information to the police if they knew what happened.

The Kent Police press office team confirmed that the issue has been reported, however weren’t able to provide further details.

Watch the below to find out some statistics of injuries that have been caused on Kent roads:

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