Mum whose daughter murdered by Canterbury man gets backing from MP

Mum of Canterbury woman murdered has been backed by her local MP after claiming she found out about her daughter’s killer’s appeal in the press.

June Sadler’s daughter Natasha was viciously murdered by thug Foster Christian two years ago.

he mum of four contacted her local MP Roger Gayle about the blunder and has received his support.

Gale sent a letter from the House of Commons to Secretary of State for Justice David Guake, while including Mrs Sadler in the letter.

The letter said: “The accompanying email from my constituent June Sadler of the above address is relatively self-explanatory.

“I would be most grateful if you would be kind enough to take a look at the circumstances as described by Mrs Sadler and provide a substantive response to her concerns.”

A letter from MP Roger Gale to June Sadler.

Christian, who also murdered Natasha’s friend Simon Gorecki and stabbed her two sons, appealed his 30-year sentence in January.

Mrs Sadler found out the news via a family friend who phoned her, and was furious with the Crown Prosecution Service, claiming they were at fault for not informing her.

She said: “This is all down to the Crown Prosecution Service again and I’m not having it. The CPS just keep passing the buck, so I wrote to Roger Gale.

“We should not have to find out online. The CPS are horrendous.”

Natasha Salder (pictured), was murdered in 2016 by Foster Christian.

When asked about Mrs Sadler comment, a spokesperson for the CPS said: “In this case the defendant sought permission to appeal, but this was refused by the court at an initial hearing.

“In order to minimise distress to families of victims, the CPS will only notify them of applications to appeal if they pass the initial stage and proceed to a full hearing.

“Because the application was struck out at the earliest stage, we did not notify the families on this occasion, in line with our standard procedures.

 A documentary has been filmed by Thumbs Up studio about the horror of Natasha Sadler’s death and is due to be released this year.

Sir Roger Gale was approached for comment, but declined.