A Kent council is introducing a plastics recycling bin

Tonbridge and Malling borough council are introducing a plastics recycling bin for residents in 2019.

This comes after The Kent Resource Partnership released data showing the recycling rate.

Tonbridge and Malling residents recycle just 42.5% of their waste.

Figures released by The Kent Resource Partnership

The town’s current collection services include black bin, green-lidded bin, green box and Saturday Bulky Refuse.

Tonbridge does not have a bin for plastic waste, so residents have to take their waste to recycling centres.

This has annoyed a Tonbridge resident who has criticised the council for expensive council tax, but no plastics recycling bin.

Tonbridge council do not have a plastics recycling bin.

Deborah Carlisle, 50, said: “I think the percentage is very bad considering the governments recent push on plastics reduction and recycling announcements.

“We do not have any plastic recycling bins provided at al, therefore the plastic goes into the normal waste bin and gets burnt.

“Note that from my £3000 council tax bill they say only £27 a year is used for refuse & recycling- I find this astounding, I cannot fathom what it is spent on.”

Tonbridge & Malling recycling services have annoyed residents. Photo: Hadlow Council.

However, Linda Moreau communications manager for Tonbridge & Malling borough council insists plans are in place to improve recycling rates.

She said: “Existing collection contracts in the two borough council areas come to an end in 2019, which presents an ideal opportunity for the councils to consider how a joint contract could improve services and efficiency, increase recycling rates and generate financial savings.

“Discussions regarding the potential new services are moving forward and the tendering process, which includes a new partnership contract, have begun.

“If the proposed new joint contract goes ahead, residents in both borough council areas will see a number of improvements to their recycling and waste services.”