Pint of Science: a chug of alcoholic revelation

Pint of science is a fantastic little hidden gem and it is massively underrated.

The event went on at the Foundry pub, Canterbury on Monday and Tuesday.

The talk we attended was on the Tuesday with University of Kent research assistants Nadine Hendrie and Rosa Vass.

The atmosphere of the room was chilled out and entertaining, and everyone was having a laugh amongst one another throughout the night.

The whole talk was enlightening as to how much we overlook the risks of alcohol, and it was sympathetic to even people in the criminal justice system.

It was surprising to see how easy it is to misjudge the size of what we think is a unit of alcohol.

During the event an audience member was asked to come up and pour a single unit of alcohol for beer, wine and whisky.

The only unit poured correctly was beer. The wine poured was double what it should have been which came as a shock to everyone in the room.

An example of how many units are in a typical wine glass – Photo by Number 10

The talk brought to light the incredible work that Riskit-CJS are doing. According to Nadine Hendrie: “Until now in criminal justice there has been no evaluation into whether interventions actually work.”

They have mentioned that they have been given nearly £1 million pounds in funding to help with their controlled trial research.

Overall the talk was engaging and interactive between the speakers and the audience it had everyone in the room imagining themselves in the shoes of an alcohol abuser and it was fantastic.

The turnout however wasn’t a lot which was a let down for the event because for those who did attend it was a revelation of the risks alcohol pose.

This is one of the reasons I would say the entire talk was underrated because Monday’s Pint of Science event was sold out compared to Tuesday’s that still had 17 tickets available.

It was an unmissable talk about a topic so very easily ignored. I could have easily stayed hours longer because it was so entertaining.