Problems with parking in Canterbury

Canterbury has been labelled as one of the worst places for parking spaces in Kent by local residents, this comes after further complaints about public transport.

Some residents believe that the bus fare towards the city centre is steep and that the ticket prices are too expensive.

Chris Walton, on behalf of Southeast Enquiries, said;

“Our fare email unfortunately does not individually price fares on a stop basis but is worked out more towards a distance fare stage.”

Christ Church student, Harry Collins, said;  “I really struggle to find parking in Canterbury, I have a condition that has left me dependant on my car and coming to Canterbury, I find that it takes me a lot longer to get around due to the lack of parking.”

Some believe that the increasing student population is the root of the problem.

Local resident, Rebecca Spencer, said; “There are more students in Canterbury now than ever. In the last two years I have had 3 different groups move into the houses next to me. I believe that this has contributed to the parking problem in Canterbury.”

After enquiries were made to investigate the issue, Canterbury City council says that ‘they do not hold the information requested in respect of the request.’