OPINION: Why Christmas lights are pointless and do more harm than good

Everybody loves the festive season, spending time with family and friends, all the food you can eat, Christmas trees, presents. There’s so much joy in setting up the Christmas tree with the tinsel, the angel at the top of the tree and the pretty Christmas lights too. But are they doing more harm than good?

In a lot of major cities such as, London, Birmingham and Canterbury a lot of them take pride in hosting a Christmas lights display. I went to go and see the Canterbury lights switch on, which has been switched on for just under a month now. But does anyone stop to consider what these Christmas lights being switched on for so long is doing to the environment?

During the winter months, the Christmas lights in London alone use up to 750,000 LED lightbulbs. Is it worth the toll on the environment just to make the city look pretty for a few months? I think not.

Not only do Christmas lights waste general electricity powering 750,000 light bulbs in the city centre. But takes a real whack at your electricity bill, as if Christmas wasn’t already an expensive holiday. I feel it’s absolutely no use wasting money that could go towards presents and food instead of temporary Christmas lights.

If Christmas lights are a must for you and you feel as if you holiday cannot be the same without it. Then try some alternative options, such as investing in energy saving Christmas lights, or battery powered lights instead of lights that you may plug in. Just some small things to consider when you’re picking up some last-minute Christmas decorations.