Shops and cafes for you and your dog

If the nice weather lasts, and let’s hope it does, we are likely to take our dogs out on strolls around the city. What shops, cafes and restaurants are we both allowed in?

Dog owners were pleasantly surprised by a list which was published on the Canterbury Residents Facebook Group. The list credited to the Dog Store, situated on sun street in the city centre, listed shops, bars, cafes and restaurants that allow you and your dog inside.

Residents of Canterbury and the surrounding areas immediately started commenting on the post and sharing the names of other dog friendly establishments in the city.

We spoke to owner of the Dog Store Jenell, accompanied by her dog Pete.

We asked Jenell why mans best friend should be allowed in the city’s shops, she said:

“I don’t know why they shouldn’t be allowed, what difference is a dog to a human”.

Jenell put the list up on the shops message board for shoppers to add to if they found somewhere new where dogs were welcome.

A member of staff at Queen Bee Home told us why they let owners bring their dogs into the shop: “The owner of the shop has a dog herself and she can find it very difficult to find places she can take her dog. We want to make it a safe haven for dogs and their owners”.

Local eatery The Canteen, also allow owners to bring there dogs in whilst they enjoy a bit to eat or a beverage, they said: “We allow dogs because we can, we have barriers to protect the food, it’s hard for people to find a place they can take their dogs too.”

You may be surprised that it is not just independent retailers that allow dogs either, the list also mentions some rather large retailers, such as Starbucks and Body Shop.

Clothing store Superdry and Hotel Chocolat also allow shoppers to bring their dogs into the stores.


The Dog Store hopes that shoppers will go in and add to the list informing dog owners of new places around the city that they and their dogs can enjoy.