What 'Pride' means to me

By Alicia Lloyd

May 2018

LGBT Pride is the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. It's a chance to stand up to the discrimination and violence towards these people, while promoting the prospect of equality, self love and affirmation and celebrate diversity in sexuality and gender variance.

Pride is a place where hundreds of people feel comfortable in being themselves and for others to show their support. People from across Kent have told me what Pride means to them and why this is a celebration that will continue to grow.

Lana Evoli, 20

"I don't have a care in the world when I'm at Pride"

Pride to me means you can go some where and celebrate your pride and love with people that are basically family. A place to show how far we have come in our community, you don’t have to be part of the LGBTQ+ community to support and love everyone around you. It’s a place I have found true friendship and feel so loved. I don’t have a care in the world when I’m at Pride

Rachel Baxter

Equality and diversity for the young people I work with. Helps them to feel accepted, supported and proud of who they are

Marilyn Smith

I know my generation (over 65) have still a few issues with this but I don’t and personally feel if that is who you are you should be free to live and be that person without prejudice

Helen Page

I'm organising schools first Diversity Week for LGBT+ ... we need to listen to all the students and this has already opened up a world of discussions. Can't wait! Got a lot to do but it's going to be the start - education and understanding is key

Danny Lee

’Pride’ means people can be who ever they are or want to be.. No questions asked. It's a place to feel relaxed. A place, you can ask those "Difficult" questions. And get an honest answer. A place you can find support and unconditional love and understanding. And oh my God... It's so much fun

Nikki Mayes

I LOVE a pride event - have been to London and Manchester ones so many times. The Manchester one has always been one of my favorite weekends away - and for me it’s the feeling you get at the event. Normally when you go out you know that whatever you wear however you do your hair and makeup there will be somebody looking at you and judging you. But at pride you don’t get that at ALL. It’s just everyone together having a great time celebrating being THEMSELVES, celebrating their individuality, and there is a real vibe of love and acceptance. It doesn’t matter whether you are straight, gay, bi, trans or anything in between, at a pride event there simply is no judgment

Niamh Courtney

The freedom to express who I am with other people who can sympathise with our journey as gay people. To feel accepted and loved by all those around me. Support through the times that some people can’t understand the way we are. Knowing that love is love and there’s nothing you can do about who you fall in love with.❤️????

Charlie Evans

I've known for year that I've been bisexual, some people never agreed to it and approved but LGBT means me and other people can be themselves

With long running Pride events across the UK, from Brighton to London, Kent has been slowly joining in. With the success of Canterbury Pride in the past two years and the introduction of Faversham Pride, it is becoming clearer and clearer as to why Pride is important and why it is loved and supported by many.