St Nicholas comes to Canterbury for it’s annual parade

Canterbury’s annual St Nicholas Parade was held on Saturday in the City Centre.

The event celebrates the patron saint Nicholas and is a fundraiser for a local charity.

The event attracts hundreds of people each year as they make their way from the Westgate Hall at 12pm before arriving at the cathedral.

A bystander said;

“Although, people have been busy doing their Christmas shopping, its nice to see people take time out of their day for a good cause.”

Saint Nicholas led the parade whilst being joined by families and musicians in a variety of outfits and fancy dress.

Cody Dumbarton, student at CCCU, said;

“The occasion really is a sign for the beginning of Christmas, it brings the community together during a stressful time period for most.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Revd Justin Welby and the Bishop of Dover, Revd Trevor Wilmott joined the parade and were met by a excited crowd, who followed the procession all around the city.

After the festivities, St Nicholas and the parade was greeted at the Christ Church gate by the Dean of Canterbury before the annual service at the cathedral began.

After the service, the mood was joyful and every single person who had participated looked very happy. Another bystander said,

“I’ve been going to the parade for five years now, it seems to be growing every year as more people have started to come.”