Students are concerned with the poor appearance of Cantebrury underpasses

Students have raised concerns over the look and feel of the frequently used underpasses throughout Canterbury.

Currently, the underpasses are heavily used by young people, in particular students and that is why the state of them is becoming a concern.

A combination of litter, graffiti and poor lighting makes these places uncomfortable to walk in and many would prefer to cross at a busy junction than go through the passages.

Greg Ashe, a Canterbury Christ Church University Student Says: “Last year the only way for me to get from my accommodation to the centre of town was to use the underpass but because they were so grim I would avoid using it and cross at the busy roundabout instead where there is no real crossing.”

Canterbury City Council say that they recognise the “poorly maintained underpasses reflect badly on the city and can discourage usage and therefore we do what we can to improve their appearance”.

Many students still feel unhappy despite the improvements, even though security cameras have now been installed.

Student, Jessica Molen, says:

“I think its bad that the council aren’t doing anything about the graffiti in the underpasses because they aren’t well kept it makes it a hot spot for dodgy people to hang about. As a young person, and student I feel uncomfortable walking through them even if they have improved the lighting and litter.”

However, because Kent County Council own the structures it not necessarily their job to remove graffiti but if the budget allows they will do one off removals of the vandalism, but none are planned for this financial year.