Thanet residents standing up to parking ‘Highway robbery’

Residents of Thanet are standing up to the council on their so called parking ‘Highway robbery’ plans.

A Facebook group was set up last night after residents of Thanet and the surrounding areas expressed their anger of the parking changes on social media.

The parking change titled ‘Amendment 17’ is to be discussed by the council on May 29. 

Ian Welch, creator of the Facebook group, has urged people to write and email the ‘Uniformed Service Enforcement Manager before the consultation.

He said: “It’s time to get active people.

“State your objections and why you object, you could help to block the amendment and stop it going through.”

Ian has drawn comparisons with Westgate after they successfully blocked the last attempt to put ‘Pay & Display’ in their shopping area.

It was reported by the Canterbury Hub that Margate residents were furious about the proposed change to free one hour parking in the Old Town.

Westbrook traders and residents are also joining in.

Local resident David Leach is backing the decision to question the council’s actions.

He said: “It’s a terrible idea (parking plans) only to make Thanet Council money on fees and fines.

“It won’t do Thanet traders, visitors or locals any favours and Westwood Cross shopping has thousands of free parking.

“Ask yourself who benefits? “Margate, shops and traders need all help they can get.

“Now they’re losing the one hour free parking. “I am definitely writing to the council.”

They need 5,000 local residents to write in or email to complain to stand a chance of keeping their free parking.

Thanet council said: “The charges were proposed to help on street spaces turn-over at an appropriate rate and include marking out bays in nuisance areas to help address the issues of inconsiderate parking for residents, improve pedestrian safety and encourage traffic flow.

Thanet council want to fund projects with the parking fees

“Funds raised will be used to help maintain our current parking stock and to fund improvements like the recently resurfaced Albion Road car park in Broadstairs.

“It will also mean we can explore future technological solutions like automated number plate registrations, solar power and smart parking to help improve car parking across the district.”

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