The Nifty Kent Supermarket That Makes ‘Lidl Look Like Waitrose’

Nifties a Kent based supermarket in Dover is fighting to reach first place in the Virgin media small business VOOM awards.

Nathaniel Richards, a labour councillor for the Dover District Council, launched the supermarket in June 2016 to prevent food going to landfills and to sell affordable food to all groups.

Nifties website mentions that in 2015, 1 million people were forced to use food banks and £12.5 billion pounds of food went to land fill.


Is this Britains Cheapest Supermarket?

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Mr Richards said: “The two issues are Food Waste and Poverty, so I am taking on both of these issues.

“And providing it to the public but without exploiting people who are most vulnerable in our communities, its food waste is approximately enough to fill the Pyramids of Giza five times over.”

Now Richards and his team are trying to progress their business further by competing for the Virgin Media small business Voom award.

Poster from the supermarket window – Photo By Nifties

The supermarket is currently 6th place amongst its competitors however, overnight they dropped down from first place.

This was due to one of their competitors gaining 4000 votes in 24 hours.

Mr Richards said: “We’ve done incredible to get into the top 10, I never predicted I would get into this position, however my worry is after all this hard work it will be undone if we slip down the leaderboard.

Outside of Nathaniel Richards business – photo by Nifties


“We’re not in as strong position as possible to win this Voom and this part of Kent deserves some positive news that could help everybody

“We need to put our best foot forward and now we only have 24 hours to make this happen.”

You can vote for Nifties supermarket and support Kent local businesses with the link below: