Travellers make generous donation to food bank

Canterbury Food Bank has received three shopping trolleys worth of donations for the Christmas period from travellers.

The food bank is a Christian-led organisation which aims to provide a service for those in need. Based in Canterbury, they also cater to Whitstable, Herne Bay and other surrounding villages.

Funded and stocked entirely by the generous members of the local community, the food bank has helped thousands of homeless and struggling members of the community. Canterbury ranking as 29th most deprived area in the country and, according to Catching Lives statistics from 2016, they had a massive 557 clients in total.

Canterbury resident Brett Bellas has benefited from the work of the food bank.

He said: “It’s helped us during some really hard times, if it wasn’t for the Canterbury Food Bank my wife, children and I wouldn’t have been able to eat! We’re both working on comparatively low wages and we get no help with anything.”

“The food bank has been there when the government hasn’t!”

Mr Brent added: “The government’s austerity programme and financial hardship drove us to the food bank. The DSS even suggested we split up because single mums are better off on benefits! Absolutely crazy.”

Natalie Marshall, a local, also said the Canterbury Food Bank had helped her in hard times: “The food bank really helped one week when I had nothing, people there are very friendly too,” she said.

“I felt too embarrassed and ashamed to use but I wouldn’t feel like that again.”

Canterbury Food Bank has made a massive difference to many people across the city. If you would like to get involved visit the Canterbury Food Bank website at