Why I will NOT be watching the royal wedding

Working a 12-hour shift, watching the same episode of Peppa Pig with my daughter all day, mowing my non existent lawn.

No these are not the lyrics from the new Arctic Monkeys album, they are things I would rather do this Saturday than watch the royal wedding.

What is the point of the royal family? Honest question, I have no idea what they do exactly.

It all seems a little bit shallow and ironic that millions will tune in to see the wedding of a royal.

While Harry is by no means a bad person, I don’t really care if he is getting married

I like Harry. Of all the monarchy he is probably the most down to earth, the most normal. It doesn’t mean his wedding is important to me.

Grenfell tower, the homeless around the country and the violent crime in the capital are important.

The money spent to pay for the wedding, which by the way the public pick up the bill, could be better spent elsewhere.

But of course none of that matters. The homeless people moved for the big day will be forgotten. The thousands struggling to feed their children will be pushed back.

Far be it for me to spoil the big day, it’s nothing personal. I have never been the biggest fan of weddings and this one is no different.

Big Ben serves a purpose through tourism, can I watch it on tv

I just don’t understand why this is being covered as the biggest story, it’s not. Not even close.

I don’t care if Meghan Markle’s dad can’t attend. I don’t care if Prince Charles walks her down the Aisle.

People have real problems. Your dad not coming to your state wedding in which you become one of the most meaningless titles isn’t a problem.

There is a romantic idea of the royal family which mostly exists outside of the U.K, and there is a reason for that.

They serve no purpose, other than tourism. Big Ben attracts tourists as well, I don’t watch on T.V, and let’s be honest, it probably serves more of a purpose than the monarchy.