Woolly rhino spotted in Canterbury

Canterbury commuters have been sharing the roads with an unlikely creature this morning.

Locals were not expecting to see the extinct animal being pulled along in a cage on their morning commute.

The caged woolly rhino was spotted at traffic lights in the city by student Lauren Ripley on New Dover Road.

Concerned residents commented on the photo suggesting it was ‘cruel’ to keep the animal caged with no food or water.

One mum was with her daughter when she spotted it and got “excited that it was a large zoo animal.”

The Caged Wooly Rhino
Credit: Lauren Ripley

However, the animal is actually NOT real, and is in fact part of the Animals of the Ice Age exhibit at Howletts Zoo.

They’ve told eagle eyed spotters to send them a photo with #IceAgeOnTour if you see the animal anywhere around Kent.