Opinion: World MS Day – the root of opportunity for Kent MS Therapy Centre

A Canterbury-based therapy centre has a small customer basis and looks to expand their radar by raising awareness of facilities through an upcoming event. 

In two weeks time, May 30, the Kent MS Therapy Centre will be celebrating World MS Day in the form of raising awareness about the illness, Multiple Sclerosis.

Being a small organisation in the rural areas of Canterbury makes it difficult for the centre to attract people who are in need of their services.

Five years ago, my mum was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and luckily she found the therapy centre quite early on. This is a place where she is able to socialise, receive services (including oxygen therapy, acupuncture, and tai chi) and confide in staff when needed.

Oxygen tank for oxygen therapy.
Above: Tank for oxygen therapy.
Inside oxygen therapy tank.
Above: Inside oxygen therapy tank.

Without having a support provider like the Kent MS Therapy Centre, I don’t know where she would be in regards to her confidence, overall health and happiness.

During World MS Day, the leading fundraisers at the centre, Heather Jordan, and Sarah Bosley, are aiming to raise awareness of how important these therapies can be on the health and wellbeing of MS patients.

They have organised three main events, starting with a specialist talk by a local MS consultant, Dr Sreedharan Harikrishnan at 10.30am. This talk is designed to give MS patients the chance to learn about upcoming research studies. 

Although this event is now fully booked, the fundraising team have also organised two stalls that will be placed in both the Whitefriars shopping centre and Kent and Canterbury hospital.

These stalls will be providing information about the therapy centre, upcoming fundraisers and how to get in contact with their staff (to book a consultation if needed). A few volunteer’s at the stalls have also got Multiple Sclerosis, and are willing to share their own experiences using the therapies, to reach out to people that need them. 

Leading fundraiser, Heather Jordan, at the Kent MS therapy centre explains how World MS Day isn’t just about raising money: