Wrestling Champion Wants Change For Female Athletes

A female champion wrestler who claims she broke a male components nose in the ring for grabbing her inappropriately calls out for female equal rights in sport.

The Intergender and MultiChampion wrestler Tarnya Allen is working inside her industry to battle harassment and sexism.

Head Coach at Extreme Academy of Wrestling Hastings Allen both practices and teaches her students fairness in the ring.


“I have experienced it myself many times in the earlier part of my career and speaking to one of my female colleagues they told me ‘that’s how the business is’.

That day I promised myself I would embody the change I wanted to see”


The wrestler, nicknamed Skarlett the Bombshell From Hell added,

“There has been a huge shift in the way that women and perceived and treated within our sport.

We have always had a problem with sexism and harassment within wrestling, but as more people speak out the more we can stand and show that it isn’t tolerated.”


This isn’t the first time controversy has hit the wrestling world.

Earlier this month Japan’s sumo association received backlash over it’s request that young females be banned from partaking in certain sumo tournaments in Shizuoka, Japan.

The measure was taken as a safety precaution despite females partaking in this popular tournament since 2013 without issue.

Many twitter users concluded that this new ruling was not fair and sexist.


Also this month medics were ordered out of a sumo wrestling ring when First Aid was required- because of their gender.

Professional sumo tradition bans females from rings, but spectators were left shocked as the first aider were rushed away from the collapsed man.