Kent Police seize £2 million and 800 weapons

Kent police have seized almost £2 million in cash and 800 weapons in an ongoing crackdown on knife crime and the associated offences such as drug supplying.

Officers across Kent have arrested 1,441 suspects and made 684 seizures of drugs, including large supplies of cocaine and heroine between 14 June and 3 December 2019.


Earlier this year Chief Constable of Kent, Alan Pughsley, announced that the there would be an increase in tackling the rise in violent crime, along with increasing the amount of taser trained officers in the county.

“We remain committed to maintaining a robust, proactive and zero tolerance approach to knife to knife crime”

Superintendent Mick Gardner, of the Tactical Operations commented saying: “We remain committed to maintaining a robust, proactive and zero tolerance approach to knife to knife crime. There can never be any justification for anyone to carry a weapon on our streets and we will continue to use both uniformed and plain-clothed officers to maximise opportunities to detect and deter those involved in criminal activities.”

Kent Police work with other law enforcement agencies such as the British Transport Police and other local forces to help detect and bring a stop to those involved in drug and knife offences.

British Transport Police

Since June, there have been 341 search warrants regarding county lines completed by specialist Operation Raptor teams.

A recent arrest includes a 19-year-old boy from London who was detained at a property in Chatham, in connection with the supply of drugs and robbery, along with the seizure of a large hunting style knife and sword.

Gardner added: “We are determined to do all we can to keep our communities safe.”

This isn’t the first time county lines have been a problem in Kent.

An Operation Raptor investigation which led to the discovery of heroin and crack cocaine stuffed in the air vents of a car in Dover, took to courts and saw a Croydon county liner sentenced to almost 8 months in prison.