4 reasons why you should volunteer at university

Many people hear about being a volunteer and simply think oh it’s a waste of time, as all I’ll be doing is working in a charity shop or standing with a donation bucket. However, volunteering is not limited to fundraising and collecting money, there are so many opportunities across the U.K and abroad that you are no longer restrained to the confines of a shop. There are plenty of reasons that volunteering is such an enriching experience, but here’s a few:

Developing skills and Gaining work experience

In this day and age, it’s no shock that when it comes to the adult working world, you’re going to struggle to find a job. You need experience and something that is going to make you stand out and volunteering is one of the easiest ways to do this. Not only does it lend you a set of transferable skills that you will continue to use no matter what field you go into, it also develops skills you already have, such as interpersonal and communication.

Volunteering is also a great talking point in interviews, it gives you depth and character and brings some of your personality out. It also demonstrates that you have the motivation to go out and get yourself experience. Volunteering can open up so many doors for you, career wise, there are so many different places and departments. Which means there will be something that will fit your tastes, making it such an easy way to bulk out your CV.


Meeting new people

University can be a very lonely place sometimes and it’s always great to meet new people. Volunteering allows you to meet a wide range of people in an environment you normally wouldn’t, broadening your social circle. It opens you up to people from all walks of life. Especially if you volunteer abroad, you are opened up to new cultural experiences and are able to meet people from other countries who have experienced a completely different way of life to you.

It also will benefit you in the long term as it gives you an abundance of vital contacts which are going to be beneficial to you later in. life. And if all that doesn’t convince you, it’s a great way of making friends and boosting your social life.


Making a difference and raising awareness

Everyone wants their voice heard and sometimes as young people we can feel like we’re shouting into an empty room when it comes to causes that matter to us, that’s why volunteering is so important to get involved. Volunteering allows you to work on an issue you find important and thus raise awareness for causes that affect you and your local community. If we take a look at the way young people have taken a stand against global warming recently, we can see how passionate they are about it.

A group of young people who normally wouldn’t be taken seriously are actually having their views listened to. So many more people are volunteering and fundraising because they want to see change. It’s a great way of getting your voice heard and getting your point across. The first step to change is taking part in it.


Giving back feels good

We all know everyone struggles with a bad day here and there and at university it can be particularly hard but it’s been proven that volunteering can have a positive impact on your mental health. Not only is it great for your cv and the local area, it also feels great to help others. The best part of volunteering is the fact that giving back and doing a selfless act feels so good.

Here is a few reasons why volunteering makes you feel so great. Firstly, doing good feels good which means when you give back to the community your brain releases endorphins making you happier. Continuing with this it gives you a sense of belonging and worth, as you are part of a group doing something meaningful. It also puts things in perspective, giving you a sense of meaning and a reason to leave the house and do something with your day.


Here’s some ways you can volunteer in Canterbury: