5 fun lockdown games for you and your friends

So, you’ve managed to last this long in isolation, as much as you love spending time with your family or perhaps your flatmates, you miss your friends and want to find the best way to do fun activities with them. From a distance. I’m going to tell you five fun lockdown games you can do with your friends. Tried and tested, as I have done them all myself. All you need is a smart phone and the ability to download apps.




  1. Houseparty

NOT that kind of house party! Houseparty, the app, is simple and easy to use, and available on both IOS and Android products, as well as desktop computer, but it also allows groups to play games with each other online. On Houseparty, you have the choice of 4 interactive games. Trivia, Chips & Guac, Heads Up and Quick Draw.

  1. Plato

Plato is an enjoyable messaging and gaming platform, available on IOS and Android, it allows for multiple players to enjoy a variety of interactive games. You can enjoy simply with your friends or play and chat with many competitors around the world!

  1. Psych!

Psych is an entertaining trivia game, with a twist! The app doesn’t only allow you to answer trivia questions to do with pop culture, television, movies, etc. It also allows you to answer trivia questions about your friends. Designed and produced by Ellen DeGeneres and available on both IOS and Android, you too can have hours of fun on this app with your friends.

4. Drinking Games

Now, if you’re anything like me and my friends, who like to improvise nights out because we can’t go outside anymore. A few games we like to play are: Would you rather? A game where a player is given a choice of two options to choose from, and the players who chose the answer with the minority of votes must drink. Or there’s Paranoia, now this game has been known to cause conflict so, at your own risk. One person sends a question to another person privately, the answer is always someone’s name. The person asked answers in the public chat and says a person’s name. The person whose name was mentioned, if they want the answer to the question, they must take a sip of their drink!

5. Pub Quiz (at home)

I think this is probably my personal favourite, being the competitive individual, I am, I love a good quiz. Because I like to win. So, round up some friends, each one of you take it in turns to prepare the quiz. Another way would be having everyone prepare their own individual questions and have each other answer them. Not only is it a very time-consuming activity, which is what you really want during this quarantine. Winning the quiz will also give you a sense of value whilst the world is on a stand still. And I’m not just saying this because I’ve won 3 quiz challenges in a row!