5 places to volunteer in Canterbury

Volunteering is one of the most enriching experiences you can have, and it’s always best to start local and give back to your community, here are a few ideas:

Catching Lives

Catching Lives is a local independent charity based in Canterbury and focuses on helping the homeless and rough sleepers get back on their feet across East Kent. You can help by going on their website and offering your time. You can volunteer to help out at one of their kitchens, at Canterbury Community Shelter, their bookshop or simply to become a fundraising volunteer.



You can also volunteer at one of Canterbury’s many museums or galleries. Last year there were over 1,465 hours worth of support contributed by Canterbury volunteers. Their roles ranged from exhibitions, collections, marketing and learning. Volunteering at the museum gives you the opportunity to learn new skills such as setting up an exhibition, researching links and learning about archiving and databases.

Canterbury Cathedral

The cathedral is a massive part of Canterbury’s identity and requires a lot of work and donations year-round. It offers the chance for students and the general public to develop their skill set in several areas such as collections care, interpretation, research, community engagement and learning.


The Police

Kent Police offer anyone over the age of 18 in the local area the opportunity to offer up their services a few hours a week. With most of the training being e-based it’s an excellent opportunity to flourish your skills in a more serious environment. Giving up a couple hours a week to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in your community.


East Kent NHS trust also offers opportunities at Kent and Canterbury Hospital. This is great for anyone looking to go into a medicine-based role as it’s a foot in the door to more serious work experience offers within the hospital. The trust gives the chance for people to help out with the gardening of the hospital grounds to create a welcoming space for their patients. Alternatively you can meet and greet patients, admin, become a mealtime companion, dementia buddy and navigate guests and patients around the hospital.

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