5 things to do outside while on lockdown

As per government guidelines you should be minimising all contact with the outside world and only leaving your home for essential food, health reasons, work and your daily exercise. However, not everyone is privileged with a nice home and big garden or outdoor space and staying inside constantly can be damaging to people’s mental health. So what outdoor activities are safe to do and how can you stick to social distancing measures while doing them?

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Although the obvious one, walking can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Taking a walk can really clear your head and give you the much-needed break from being cooped up inside. It may be difficult to keep to social distancing measures as everyone has the same idea of going for a walk in the local park. This is why now is the perfect opportunity to try less followed trails and a new walking path to get a different view of your local area and keeping safe.

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Jogging is an even better option for your daily exercise. if you love your cardio, but miss the gym going for a run might be the fix you need. As long as you stick to the guidelines and are mindful of other slower joggers or walkers around you, this is perfectly safe activity.

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Hiking is good way to get back to nature in a safe way. For the time being, stick to less busy trails and strenuous hikes, you don’t want to clog up A&E with injuries that could’ve been avoided especially during this difficult time.

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Again, as long as you are keeping to social distancing measures and staying away from crowded routes, biking is a good alternative exercise to walking or running, similarly you could skateboard or use your scooter as long as you stay away from public ramps and skate parks.

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If you have the luxury of a garden or outdoor space, or maybe an allotment, it’s a good time to get some green fingers. Gardening is a good tool if you have kids, it can be educational and sensory, and they can really get involved. Avoid community gardens as much as you can and stick to less shared spaces. Also don’t undertake tasks that are too big for you and could be potentially dangerous. Sticks to weeding, planting and trimming, you could even try to grow your own vegetables!


Remember after all outdoor activities to wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with soap and water or a hand sanitising gel.