Alcohol Spending Least In Canterbury

Canterbury students spend the LEAST amount on alcohol according to the Natwest Student Living Index 2017.

Natwest have compiled an index of what students spend their money on for the fourth year running.

According to the Index, student life varies from city to city and apart from what is spent on food, toiletries and household items, a students biggest expenditure is going out and socialising with friends.

The living index states that on average, students spend £38.61 on alcohol each month with Canterbury spending the least.

Every year, data is collected from students differently to show different aspects of student spending. However, this year, 3,407 students across 35 popular university cities were asked how much they spent on essentials like food, rent and bills as well as how they divided their time between studying, work and socialising.

 We know that students very consciously choose a course based on the subject and the reputation of the university and also very much on what their living expenses might be, and what the Student Living Index does is allow them to have a look at which cities are the most cost-effective.  says Dan Jones, head of Natwest student accounts.

Listen to Dan Jones advice on how to budget your money here