Aunty Flo hosts eco friendly sanitary product workshop for Uganda

Over the weekend I went down to Ashford to visit Ruth Everingham, AKA Aunty Flo about her sanitary product making workshop.

One participant at the workshop beginning to get creative

The idea of the workshop was to make eco friendly sanitary products for women. Participants either had the choice to keep what they made or donate to charities in Uganda that Ruth is partnered with.

The main aim of the workshop is to not only help out young girls in Uganda but other African countries too, by hosting workshops around the UK to educate people about period poverty.

Creativity flowing at the workshop

The workshop also spreads awareness of the impact plastic based sanitary products have on the environment.

In the 2016 beach clean-up, the Marine Conservation Society managed to find up to 20 sanitary items per 100 metres of the shoreline. Aunty Flo aims to cut this number down by introducing more environmentally friendly sanitary products.

Aunt Flo photo ft work partner, Fanny

If you’re interested in getting involved visit Aunty Flo’s website.

Or click here to find out more ways you can be eco friendly.