Café Rouge’s Christmas menu- A review for Vegetarians

For vegetarians, finding new and exciting food to try is difficult at the best of times, but especially at Christmas. Restaurant’s have released their Christmas menus and all of them will be filled with options for meat eaters, but how inviting will their vegetarian selection be?

The Canterbury Hub chose to head down and try out Café Rouge’s menu.


Café Rouge’s Christmas menu offers their customers the choice of two courses for £16.95. You can pick your preferred dishes from a range of options. However, although the menu does sound inviting to most, like many restaurants there isn’t a lot of options for vegetarians, particularly speaking in terms of the starter and main course.


For starters, there is the ‘Soup-de-saison’, which is butternut squash and sage soup with crème fraiche and toasted pumpkin seeds, served with rye and caraway bread. This was the option that we chose to have and it was delightful. The dish was full of flavours and was mildly spicey, which is perfect for the Christmas season.

Soup-de-saison- Cafe Rouge.

For the main, there is Beetroot and Goat’s cheese tart. A balsamic roasted beetroot and thyme tart with goat’s cheese and walnuts, served with honey roasted parsnips, roasted chestnuts and Brussels sprouts, roasted potatoes, buttered carrots and thyme jus.


For desert, you have the choice of five vegetarian options, a wider variety for you to explore. Option one is sticky toffee pudding, a traditional sponge cake with toffee sauce and crème anglaise.


Option two is Crème Brulee. Vanilla and Cointreau crème with a caramelised top with fresh orange and raspberries.


Option three is Fondant Aux Chocolats. This includes hot chocolate fondant with a melting middle served with chocolate and raspberry fondant ice cream. This was the option that we chose to try and it was nice. It was rich and also quite filling, but very tasty and full of flavour. The ice cream was a pleasant option to put with the fondant because it gave the dish a re-freshing finish.

Fondant Aux Chocolats- Cafe Rouge.

Option four is Tarte Au Citron, which is simply lemon tart with crème fraiche.  If you prefer fresh deserts, then this is the one for you.


And for option five, there is ‘Gingerbread Parfait’, served with salted caramel sauce and crumbled gingerbread.