Canterbury Castle due to be renovated by 2021


Canterbury Council has announced that they’re moving forward with their plans to renovate Canterbury castle.

The Council are planning to spend £650,000 in an attempt to rebuild the heritage site, which was announced during the end of last month.

Originally announced during late May, the council stated that the heritage site would be renovated and scheduled to open during 2021, after two years of being closed off from the public.

Castle 1.
A map of the Castle’s Grounds during the 17th Century.

The keep of Canterbury castle has been in a state of disrepair for years, and alongside Westgate is one of the most prominent historical landmarks of the City’s medieval defence that remains standing. 

Later on in its life during the 12th Century the castle was redeveloped into a County Prison by Henry II and some of the upper levels were demolished during the 17th Century. After this, it was purchased by the Canterbury Gas Light and Coke Company who removed all of the castle’s interior walls and used it as a storehouse for Coke, before finally being purchased by the City Council in 1928 and maintained as a heritage site.

The site was closed off to the public a few years ago due to health and safety fears, and a metal fence has surrounded the perimeter to keep pedestrians out. Many of the residents in Canterbury have been left disappointed by the sorry state of the castle, and have urged for repairs.

Castle 2.
An interior shot of Canterbury Castle, in disrepair after years of neglect.

Connie Nolan, a member of the Friends of Canterbury Castle group, expressed her disdain for the site’s current state.

She said: “The castle should be a sparkling jewel in Canterbury’s heritage crown but it is outshone by the Cathedral and St. Augustine’s Abbey.

“We can make much more of it and have a world heritage trail leading tourists to the castle. We have a date to work to and there’s a hive of activity.”

So far, funding of £650,000 is being put aside by the Council as a draft capital budget for the renovation, and repairs should be finished by 2021.