Canterbury Family Faces Illness After Washing Machine Left Broken For A Month

Several flats have been without a washing machine for a month leading to stomach flu outbreak, according to Canterbury Labour Party.

Mum-of-two Amy Louise went to Canterbury Residents group to tell the story of how she is living in temporary accommodation for the sixth month in a row.

Amy’s House                                                                    Credit: Amy Louise

Amy Louise claims her washing machine in her flat broke a month ago, meaning she could not clean bed sheets and clothes.

Amy said: “Children in the building have had sickness and diarrhoea the past week… this resulted in many bed sheets and clothes being messed on and unable to clean them straight away properly.I believe this is why the children that have become ill have struggled to recover and the illness is still lurking around”

Amy also claims the residents reported the break a month ago to the council, and they have been told that it will be repaired when parts have arrived.


A spokesperson for Canterbury Labour Party had this to say about the matter: “The outbreak of stomach flu is happening because the council are letting the unsanitary conditions continue. This delay of weeks is ridiculous.”


A Canterbury City Council spokesman said: “We are very sympathetic to the situation the family is in and our officers are working very hard to find permanent accommodation.

“We are in regular contact with Amy and her case is a priority for us. The problem we have is two-bedroom accommodation is in chronically short supply, more than 40 families are on the waiting list, but every effort is being made to get her into a new home as quickly as possible.

“The block is subject to regular inspections. however, we are aware there have been maintenance issues all of which are being dealt with.”

When asked about how she has been supported by the council, Amy stated: “Rosie [Duffield] has done all she can. The council took weeks to respond to her emails, let alone ours.”


Since posting it on Facebook, Amy has received a variety of support from people.


From offers to fit a new washing machine to offering a mascot to come round and visit the children of the flats.

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