Green Party call for action as “the planet is choking on plastic”

Canterbury Green Party have claimed the “planet is choking on plastic” after David Attenborough’s ‘Our Planet’ sparked national debate.

The series has caused national panic about the rate of climate deterioration and has lead fast-food chain McDonald’s to ban it’s plastic straws and replace them for an eco-friendly paper alternative.

Canterbury Green party manager, Nathan Tough, explains the changes made are a drop in the ocean compared to the planet’s wider climate problem as “there is still ignorance out there”.

He said ”The planet is choking on plastic, we’ve seen examples of baby dolphins dying because of the levels of micro-plastics and toxins in their mother’s milk.”

With climate change being a main focal point of their manifesto, The Green Party celebrated success earlier this week after ‘phenomenal’ local election gains, other parties were arguably less global-warming focused in their declaration.

Although MP’s have backed Jeremy Corbyn’s call to declare climate emergency, Nathan explains that the government has a long way to go before being considered eco-friendly.

Mr Tough suggests they should consider moulding schools curriculum to include environmental education to inform children of the crisis.

Shows like Attenborough’s “Our Planet” seem to be taking responsibility rather than the government at the moment. I know a lot of teachers talk about plastic waste in school, I hope it makes it’s way into the curriculum at some point.”

After McDonald’s opted for eco-friendly options, the ‘Bring back McDonald’s plastic straws’ petition formed. Despite receiving over 43,000 signatures, the petition has now been declined.

Nathan explains that this debate shows how changes still need to be made in tackling the climate change ticking-time bomb.

“People would have signed the petition because they found the straws to be slightly inconvenient, there is still a lot of ignorance out there.

There are plenty of organic plastics available now, which are biodegradable and have zero impact. They are more expensive, but we are facing a climate catastrophe, and change needs to happen!”

Chloe Carlyle, 19, is a team leader at the McDonald’s fast-food chain in Rainham. She said that the restaurant has received many complaints from customers about the new changes, however, the store isn’t going to look back.

“We have received so many complaints about the plastic straws, mainly for practicality reasons such as sogginess or changing the taste of drinks. Mcdonalds bought in the straws to help the environment and they aren’t going back, the paper alternatives were trialled out and have now been released in every chain. So no, there is no chance of bringing the plastic back, now is the time for change.”

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