Cat ban idea ‘cruel’ says Canterbury sanctuary

A Canterbury cat sanctuary has labelled the comments made by Tony Duckett regarding banning cats from going outside as ‘cruel’.

Tony Duckett, who is the conservation officer for the Royal Parks in London, recently suggested that cats should not be allowed to roam free as they kill ‘millions of birds’.

Tracy Jell, the manageress of the Rhodes Minnis Cat sanctuary near Canterbury dismissed these claims and feels the idea is inhumane.

She said: “This is not the first time this notion has been advanced by intolerant blinkered bird lovers.

“To deny a cat which has been used to fresh air, garden smells and sleeping in the sun it would reduce its quality of life to a point of cruelty.

“How would Mr Duckett enforce his regime of imprisonment, would he shoot any cat snoozing in his parks?

“He needs to consider the first law of tolerance – Live & Let Live.”

The Mammal Society estimates that cats in the UK kill 27 million birds a year.

The Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust in Tunbridge Wells has said that cats are a major problem but there is no simple solution.

The Director Dave Risley said: “In our experience, cats are a major cause of predation in nesting and fledging birds.

“Any suggestion that their movements and activities should be restricted or even curtailed, are met with howls of indignation from the public, including people who are supporters of our work with wildlife”.

The Cats Protection Organisation however feel it should be noted that according to research from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, cats are not the leading cause in the decline of birds.

A spokesperson said: “Research has cited many other factors for bird loss, including mismanagement and loss of traditional wildlife habitats, climate change and the increased use of pesticides and fertilisers in modern farming practices”.



Do you believe cats should be banned from going outside?

Absolutely, they’re a danger to a wildlife!
Yes, all pets should be kept indoors.
Absolutely not, if a cat kills another animal it’s a part of nature.
No, cats deserve to roam free.
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