New Chatham apartment complex development given green light

The Mountbatten House in Chatham has been empty for over a decade however with development plans now approved this is now going to change.

The development plans which were proposed at the end of 2020 have now been approved by the councils Planning Committee. Building is set to begin later this year. The old bus station and offices will be transformed into 164 one and two bedroom homes, and will also feature a rooftop restaurant and a green space for residents.

The building which is located by the high street in Chatham was originally built in the 1970s will hold multiple commercial units which will be let out to businesses.

Richard Hicks, Medway Council’s Director of Place, and Deputy Chief Executive, said:

“This exciting project will further transform Medway’s city centre and bring new life to Mountbatten House, which is currently unoccupied.

“We are committed to providing residents with new facilities and creating employment opportunities.”

This redevelopment project is part of Medway’s plan to rejuvenate the look of the city centre and draw in more people into the town. The development is been run by Medway Development Company Ltd. The company is also working with Lyall Bills & Young Architects; who helped work on the olympic park, and C.F. Moller Architects.


The plans have received mixed feedback from locals, with people on social media suggesting that they lease out the current office lots rather that rebuild. Meanwhile others are excited to see the new look of Chatham.


Do you think it is a good plan?


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