The magic of the Christmas Dickensian Festival

The people of Rochester held their annual Dickensian Christmas festival last weekend and what a sight to behold it was. The turnout was shocking with hundreds of people lining the street to watch the parade at noon and again at 5pm.

The festival has run since 1988 and every year more and more people come from across the UK and even from abroad. Honouring Charles Dickens and his long list of novels.

The event itself was managed well, with many people located along the high street in high-vis jackets to help people find their way.

Parking was a little packed but that is to be expected.

However, there was an allocated area for coaches and a park and ride which helped relieve some congestion on the main through road.

The parade started with bucket shakers raising money for St John Ambulance. Then continues with a marching band and local dance club performances. In attendance was Scrooge, Marley the ghost and the ghost of Christmas past, present and future.

It was lovely to see all of the children and adults enjoying the show and costumes. The costumes were very intricate and vibrant. By the looks on everyone’s faces they all thoroughly enjoyed every second.

Throughout the day people could enjoy performances of a puppet show of Punch and Judy. Along with carollers, and the chance to snap endless amounts of photos. A magical moment was the fake snow (foam), with many people taking the opportunity for photos.

Enjoying the snow

This is not the only event which Rochester holds. Along with this at the weekend there was the Christmas market taking place just off the main Highstreet in the castle gardens with dozens of stalls.

Christmas market in the gardens

In spring and summer time Rochester also host another Dickens Festival, Sweeps Festival and Castle concerts. Events like these are a great source of income for local run businesses. With Rochester Highstreet housing many small and quirky shops. It also gives a chance for the people to show what Rochester is all about and bring in tourism.