‘Come Dance with Me’ CCSU charity event

Canterbury Christ Church’s very own sports teams participated in the annual ‘Come Dance with Me’ charity event on Friday night.

The night was a great success with just over £960 being raised for Cancer Research and Teenage Cancer trust.

The voting raised £854 alone and a total of £962.58 was raised from the event.

The CCSU lounge at the students’ union was full by 7:30 pm with great anticipation in the air as people eager waited to see what sporting team was going to be crowned winners.

A packed room at the event


In total there were thirteen initial performances for the crowd to chose who they wanted to go through to the semi-finals. The crowd would go to the judge’s panel to vote for their favourites. Each vote cost 50 pence, with all the money going to the charities.

Team performances with Judges scores.

Tennis – 8,9,7,8 – Total 31

Cheer-leading – 9,9,8,9 – Total 35

Boxing – 10,10,9,9 – Total 38

Lacrosse – 7,8,7,7 – Total 29

Swimming – 8,9,8,7 – Total 31

American Football – 7,10,10,8 – Total 35

Hockey – 6,9,7,10 – Total 32

Football – 6,9,7,7 – Total 29

Netball – 8,8,8,8 – Total 32

Cricket – 10,10,10,10 – Total 40

Rugby – 10,10,10,10 – Total 40

Volleyball – 8,8,9,7 – Total 31

After a short break for the votes to be counted, the four teams progressing to the semi-finals and that were battling it out for the winner’s medals were, Netball, Tennis, Cricket, and Rugby. Meaning that the four teams would have to dance again to impress the crowd.

The Final Results

1st Place – Cricket

2nd Place – Tennis

3rd Place – Rugby

4th Place – Netball


Hannah Cocks, C4 Dance President shared her thoughts about the evening, ” This event really brings together so many sports teams here at Christchurch and all in aid of two amazing charities Cancer research and Teenage Cancer trust.”

Overall the night was a huge success, great atmosphere, and some truly great performances.