COVID-19 restriction start to ease while changes are being made

As the numbers of cases for COVID-19 are decreasing restrictions are becoming less strict.

The Government has placed those in England and Scotland in lockdown. Some non-essential shops are  being open, people must only travel for education/childcare and people will be allowed to travel.Last week Monday, 8th March children returned back to their class rooms while still following COVID regulations.The number of active COVID-19 cases in Kent is now below 1,500 after 10 weeks of lockdown. The government has hope that in the next month it will be slowing going back to normal.


It is currently free to get tested for COVID-19 but will end in June 2021. According to the Kent County Council approximately one in three individuals who have the virus are unaware that they have it which makes it easier to spread around as the primary symptoms aren’t shown.


Andrew Scott- Clark who is Kent’s Detector for Public Health announced “COVID -19 is still a very real threat and I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that everybody who is eligible is tested regularly to minimise the spread of the virus”. He also advises everybody from the 15th March to take a lateral flow test twice a week especially those who have to leave home to go to work.Mr Clark is trying his best to give advice to make sure that people are staying safe so the case numbers continue to decrease.Changes are always occurring to try and make sure people are staying safe from the virus as well as trying to get back into society. Throughout the coming weeks Kent County Council are advising people to check the changes before booking a symptom free test.


If you are experiencing the main symptoms of COVID which consists of losing sense of taste and smell, continuous coughing and high temperature it is advised that you don’t get a test but you self-isolate for 2 weeks. For more information on the Kent changes check out for more information.


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– JC Gellidon. 

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