Deal teachers and students ‘Reach for The Stars’ during quarantine


Teachers at a Primary school in Deal attempt to uplift students during lockdown, with their interactive ‘Reach for The Stars’ spoof they posted on YouTube. The video has already received over two thousand views despite only being posted five days ago.

As they sing along to the encouraging lyrics of S Club 7’s ‘Reach for The Stars’, they try to instil hope into the young viewers by reminding them that, “We’ve all got to stick together.”

Parents and pupils at Sandown Primary School overall have responded positively to the video, as teachers expressed their feelings towards the students and the school. Saying that they couldn’t wait to go back to school and see them all again.

Here is the video:

That’s how teachers in Deal are encouraging students to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ during this global pandemic. But how are teachers in other places helping their students?


Seven Fields Primary School, located in Swindon, also put out an uplifting video to help and encourage their students also during the lockdown. Doing a cover of the 1985 classic ‘Together in Electric Dreams.”

The video sparked a lot of emotional responses from the children, parents said.

Teachers adding, “We need that connection to keep their morale up.”

Closures of schools across the UK have caused a lot of teachers to have to result to video calls, and messages in order to keep in contact with their students.